About us

A & M IMPEX is an international trading house specializes in sourcing and export of a diverse range of products worldwide. Since our foundation in 2009, we have established a reputation for quality and excellence as one of India’s foremost export organization.

From FMGC to agricultural products,   we have over the years nurtured a fine product and service range that spans various industry verticals and meets the requirements of customers around the globe.

Today, our operations span across the continents of Africa,  America, Europe and the Middle East. .

At A&M IMPEX, we combine expertise in operations with advanced technologies to deliver cutting-edge products to our customers. Our wide network of associates provides us the platform to deliver at highly competitive prices. We have always aimed to provide the best of products and services to our customers and our success has come through achieving that aim on a sustained basis.

In every business we undertake, and in every product  that we deliver, we aim to provide the very best for our customers and consumers worldwide.


  • To market internationally competitive products.
  • To ensure sustained Growth & Profitability.
  • To continuously improve our services & products.
  • To provide our employees an environment conducive to growth and self-development.
  • To be recognized for high ethical standards.
  • To contribute significantly towards our National progress.

Our Quality Policy

The reach of our business is reflected in our vast line of products  which span diverse industries and customers around the globe. Developing and sustaining such a portfolio is possible only through our rigorous approach towards quality. Our passion to quality permeates through every part of our organisation from products and systems to the people; every element of our company adheres to the highest standards of quality. While certifications and awards have come to signify our quality, we still believe that sustained improvement in standards in the way forward, all the time.